Naturopath / Kinesiologist

Trevor Savage ND qualified as a Naturopath in 1984 and after starting ‘The Natural Place To Be at Bardon’. He then started his clinic at Eatons Hill. In 2010 he moved with his wife Jacklyn to Cashmere Place, a rain forest estate in Brisbane, and opened his Natural Therapy Centre.He has been in practice there since December 2010.


Trevor attended the first TOUCH FOR HEALTH class taught in Australia in April 1979.
He later attended the first EDU KINESTHETICS – EK class taught in Australia by Phillip Crockford, a TFH Faculty Member in the early 1980’s.
He travelled to California in 1984 and studied EK with Dr Paul Dennison and became the first EK Instructor in the South Pacific area that year.
Trevor changed the name to EDUCATIONAL KINESIOLOGY with Paul Dennison’s knowledge and permission.

n 1985 he travelled to California again studying the first HYPERTON-X class taught by Frank Mahony after the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. Frank worked for 3 years before the 1984 Games with the USA Track & Field Team. That year USA won most of the Track & Field GOLD medals! Frank appointed Trevor the first HYPERTON-X Sports Kinesiology Instructor in the world.

In 1986 Trevor left EK and wrote his own program INTEGRATIVE KINESIOLOGY – IK.
His book “LEARNING TO LEARN” – The Switched -On Way with Integrative Kinesiology is still available.

In September 1989, Dr Carl Ferreri DC from Brooklyn NY, the Developer of N.O.T. – NEURAL ORGANIZATION TECHNIQUE (now taught by Trevor as N.O.T. – Neural Organization Therapy) taught his first workshop in Australia in Sydney . Trevor attended this Seminar. Each year Carl returned to Australia and Trevor attended all his classes. In 1994 Trevor rewrote Carl’s N.O.T. Workshop Manuals for non-Chiropractors, Kinesiologists. This became his Manual for the world. In 1994 Trevor received the first N.O.T. DIPLOMA of PROFICIENCY in the world.

In 1994, Trevor rewrote Carl’s N.O.T. Manuals for non-Chiropractic Kinesiologists. In 1995, Dr Carl appointed Trevor the first N.O.T. Instructor in the world.

He also appointed Trevor same year as the Instructor Trainer for the world so his work could spread throughout the world. As well as training a number of fellow Instructors in Australia he trained Masato Nakamura, an American trained Japanese Chiropractor in Japan, as an Instructor.

Trevor, along with his ex-business partner Jennifer Kusmenko from Melbourne, taught N.O.T. in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, U.A.E, and Trevor taught in Arizona USA. After Jennifer’s husband Tony died she left Kinesiology.

Trevor still teaches HYPERTON-X Basic and Advanced N.O.T. 1, N.O.T. 2, N.O.T. 3 each year at his Clinic at Cashmere in Brisbane, supported by his wife Jacklyn.Trevor uses these programs in his Cashmere Clinic with outstanding results. For more information check

Jacklyn & Trevor Savage, as a team, are the top Distributors for GNLD/Neo-Life International Natural Whole Food Supplement products in the South Pacific Area which includes the Philippines, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

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  • FORMULA IV / FORMULA IV PLUS – Essential Fatty Acids from Wheat, Rice, & Soy.
  • NOURISHAKE/NEOLIFE SHAKE – Meal replacement Protein Powder containing 22 Amino Acids.
  • SALMON OIL PLUS – contains 8 Omega 3 Fatty Acids from Salmon, Tuna, Anchovies & Sardines.
  • CAROTENOIDS – Oil soluble antioxidants – Red, Orange & yellow colourants in our fruits and vegetables. (World patent)
  • FLAVONOIDS – Water soluble antioxidants – purples, blue, red, orange, yellow in fruits and vegetables.
  • CRUCIFEROUS – Sulphur containing antioxidants in our vegetables.
  • VITAMINS A, B, C, E – all extracted from foods, some in slow release formulations.(world patents)
  • ORGANIC MINERALS, including CALCIUM, MAGNESIUM, ZINC – broad spectrum from foods and ocean plants
  • Cal-Mag is a Double Amino Acid Chelated natural formula made under a world patent.
  • PRO VITALITY + – Contains 1 Tre-en-en capsule, 1 Carotenoid Complex Capsule, 1 Salmon Oil Plus capsule and
  • 1 Essential Vitamin & Mineral Complex tablet in each packet (30 packets in a box).

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The company is now known as NEOLIFE, the original name the Company opened with in Australia in 1984.

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